Location: Mostowa, Poznań, Poland
Design Team: Magdalena Bień,,
Visualizations: Sandra Radys
Consultations: Piotr Kuchciński
Photo: Tom Kurek
Rok: 2019
Powierzchnia użytkowa: 100 m2
Team: wizualizacje Sandra Radys, współpraca Magdalena Grądcka

Nagroda The Architecture MasterPrize™

The 100m2 penthouse located in the centre of Poznan is in dominant black. The functionality of the design comes from an open living room with a kitchen as a central place. Other rooms are: a study room with a library, a bedroom with a wardrobe and a full bathroom, and the guest bathroom outside the private bedroom area. Every room is accessed from a corridor with linear lighting, and walls upholstered in natural black wool that makes the space friendly. There is marble used in the bathrooms offering the interior a wealth of elegance and making it a timeless treasure.

All Photo by @Tom Kurek


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