Multi-family house
Location: Poznań, Wille Bukowska
Programe: Projekt wnętrz
Year: 2022
Realisation: 2023
Usable area: 120 m2 
Lead designer: Magdalena Bień,
Assistant interior designer: Agnieszka Cygan
Rendering and photography: Sandra Radys 

High functionality of the design has been its main assumption since its very beginning. Getting to know the owners more closely and defining their needs laid the foundation for further cooperation and was a key to the creation of a unique, individual design. The interiors were supposed to be minimalistic, yet with proper colour highlights.

Natural elm wood is the key element that brings the whole design together. It was applied in the kitchen, which is open towards the living room, as well as in the bespoke closed TV cabinet. In the latter, the warm hue of elm wood is matched with Corten metal sheet, which appears when the TV-hiding doors are open.

The open kitchen was designed in order to provide maximum ergonomics. A perfect coffee-making place was arranged to cater for the owners’ passion for coffee.

Both bathrooms make a distinctive highlight. Different hues of green mosaic define the ground floor bathroom. The shower stall made of industrial type glass with a delicate wire mesh compliments the mosaic effect and provides awesome light effects, visually breaking the edges of the space. The top floor bathroom colours match those of the whole house. Its stone wall behind the bathtub provides a background for light reflections thanks to properly placed lights.

The division between floors naturally separates the day and night spaces. The top floor provides a more intimate and private zone, with bedrooms, children’s room and chill room. The latter allows the inhabitants to pursue their passion for yoga and meditation, also being a quiet space for work or rest.

The beautiful tall door in the room entrance was made from ornamental glass, which allows the corridor and staircase to be lit by daylight.


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