Location: Poland, Poznań, Dąbrowskiego
Program : Apartment, Interior
Construction year: 2012
Area: 150 m2

The restoration of the one floor of a building of the eighteenth century that their study remodeled. It is true that scratching the walls were appearing overlays of years and generations of inhabitants. Thus, the decorations are today footprint who passed by. Also the history of the particular property. Wooden beams and all elements in the new rehabilitation reinstated speak of the past. And a new present. The broad looked clean, sanitize and open floors to gain light and flexible distribution. The detailed , however, endeavored to preserve the essence of the place . He looked to be the dregs in the new.Thus, the superposition of the historical elements with new white partitions not only let light also helps build better homes able to reflect the passing of time and the passage of time. The simplicity of the materials is not at odds with the wealth of the result and the idea of cleanliness and spaciousness of the hand is the will of repair. The history of the place is so willing to accept new chapters.


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