Location: Poland, Słubice
Program : Restaurant, Interior, Technology
Brand Design: Maciej Burda
Construction year: 2015

Flor: polyurethane resin
Lamps: Industrial big Bertha, Tom Dixon
Bar: oak, custom design concrete reinforced with carbon fibers
Common table – custom design
Tables, chairs: TON, IKEA
Walls: handmade mural, natural old bricks, industrial white tiles

Restaurant BUTCHER comes as a mix of industrial with rustic design, creating a space that appears welcoming and urban. Together with the logo design, it is a great example of quality branding and interior design, that are all crucial components that must work seamlessly together in order to create a visually successful space. With TON chairs, exposed white old natural bricks, concrete, white tiles wall and hold the metal pendant lights, the interior stretches in to a industrial vibe while the reclaimed wood coffee bar and wooden tables, and resin of the floor all add an element of rustic to the mix. BUTCHER atmosphere draws upon each of the objects that make up its decor. Using multiple tables and seating types, we were able to visually divide up the space into more intimate groupings. All products, except the chairs, lamps are uniquely designed for this space by our team. Keeping a simple material and color palette allowed the space to not get too busy, while also keeping it cohesive.


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